"Onipa ne asem - It is the human being that counts"

(African proverb)


WE - Simone and parents Karl and Anni Jordan - all pull together, and as far as we are concerned, Teamwork is written with a capital 'T'! We consider it our greatest challenge to give our wines their distinctive character. This demands love, passion coupled with an instintive feeling for the culture of wine. You can taste the result, with expressive, individual wines that have personality and character; depth and power.

Karl and Anni did not wish to obligate one of their three daughters to take over the family's wine estate. On the contrary, their youngest daughter Simone had to first convince them of the idea.







Simone Jordan has been actively involved in the winery from an early age, and grew up during the time when Karl and Anni made the wine estate what is it today. She graduated from the HBLA Federal College of Viticulture & Oenology in Klosterneuburg in 2005, and gained valuble experience from internships in Austria and Germany, as well as from a work-placement in the Jordan Winery in South Africa. Back from the big wide world, Simone first dedicated her time and energy to the Austrian wine industry in quite a different way; not as winemaker, but as Wine Queen from 2007 to 2009.