JORDAN premium olive oil

ALWAYS fine, fruity and mild in taste

High quality olive oil from the island of Lesbos, made with love by the Jordan family there. The olives for the Jordan olive oil come exclusively from their own cultivation and from families in the mountainous region of the island of Lesbos. The olive oil has a very fruity and, above all, mild taste due to the Adramitiani and Kolovi varieties used - which are only found on Lesbos - and is therefore extremely digestible. They are cold-pressed and processed naturally. Jordan olive oil has been a supplier to top gastronomy for over 15 years. Many toque chefs swear by the unusually mild, grassy fruity olive oil.

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Jordan olive oil


250 ml
100% extra virgin olive oil

How we like to enjoy

simply with a piece of ciabatta


New York Olive Oil Competition Award NYOOC USA
Masters of Olive Oil International Contest Italy
Great Taste Award
Masters of Olive Oil


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