Pomace brandy

Distillation of our Zweigelt & Merlot pomace

The enjoyment of our pomace brandy should awaken memories, of passion for perfection! Hannes' dad is an experienced master distiller and has been making our pomace brandy since 2012. Everything tells a story. The Raubrand, the heart or the fine brandy ... they can tell of cold winter evenings and many faces, of hearty warmth and the only Austrian grain sausage from the village butcher Arthold!

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Additional information


Lower Austria

Grape varieties

Zweigelt & Merlot pomace


Haselparz & Bruck vineyards




matured in wooden barrels

Optimal enjoyment temperature

17 ° C



Master distiller

Hannes & #039; father


Tasting note

Fine, clear fruit aromas with a lot of elegance; some dark chocolate; balanced and substantial on the palate, shows expression and character!

Food recommendation

Wine & food

Our pomace brandy for eating? That sounds exciting ... and rightly so! Our pomace brandy offers a special taste experience with spicy bacon or (it's hard to believe) with a juicy bundt cake.

Our pomace brandy is also very happy to be the grand finale after an exciting wine tasting!

Our pomace brandy is particularly recommended for first Austrian Trebernwurst from Simone's sister & brother-in-law from the Arthold village butchery!

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In September and October, tasting is only possible to a limited extent due to the harvest.

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